Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Bacteria Are Effective against Diabetes and Old-Age Diseases Digestion, General, Overweight, Well-being


The older people get, the more vulnerable they become to specific diseases. As we advance in years, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, or adult-onset diabetes, for example, become increasingly more frequent. In experiments on mice and monkeys, US scientists have now found that insulin resistance, a cause of diabetes, can be reversed using good and healthy bacteria. German

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How Can You Treat Dry Winter Skin? Skin

Trockene Haut

It’s itchy and angry: How can you get rid of dry skin in the winter? This is how Stern, a German weekly, recently titled a report on the itching and tightness of the skin caused by dry cold and dehumidified indoor air. It was possible do something about these effects, the text said, but “many

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Bacteria: A Remedy for Migraine? Well-being

That the composition of the gut flora or gut microbiota impacts our whole body has already been demonstrated repeatedly. According to a publication from 2015, marinating a healthy bacterial balance in the gut could also be a remedy for migraine. While the exact causes of migraine have yet to be conclusively determined, some scientists believe

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