Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Covid-19: Risk Factor Periodontitis Body

Several years ago, we already published an article on this website on periodontitis not only compromising your teeth and gums, but also heart and cardiovascular system (see Recently, international research also showed that periodontitis may have a negative influence on and increase the severity of the course of Covid-19 infections. Scientists analyzed the data

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Using Bacteria to Prevent Colds Well-being

As autumn brings cold and damp weather, the flu season is imminent – in addition to the ongoing corona pandemic – and people increasingly inquire about natural ways to prevent colds and infections. Unfortunately and misleadingly, there is still talk of defending yourself against viruses and bacteria. But what many writers forget is that only

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Vegetables in Skincare – Remedy for a Healthy Skin? Digestion, General, Skin

So far, we’ve already highlighted the health advantages of fermented vegetables several times on this website: Foods such as sauerkraut are rich in lactic acid bacteria which keep the gut flora healthy, strengthening our immune system. In much the same vein, professional publications emphasise the positive role played by lactic acid bacteria for a healthy

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