Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Bacteria Are the Right Remedy Against Colds General, Well-being

Bakterien gegen Erkältung

The cold season is also high season for doctors and pharmacists as, troubled by coughing and sore throats, sufferers seek the right drug against their cold. Here – frequently at the patients’ urging – antibiotics are still prescribed too often and in excessive quantities. These, however, remain in many cases unable to provide relief as they fail to have any effect on the virus causing the disease. Furthermore, non-specific broad-spectrum antibiotics damage the gut’s natural bacterial diversity and hence our body’s overall immune system.

When an infection is bacterial rather than viral, colds and infections in the throat are very often caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes. Typical symptoms are sore throat and difficulties swallowing. In recent years, scientists have systematically searched for natural ways to defeat this bacterium without damaging the throat microflora.

For the first time, an agent derived from a specific lactic acid bacteria now enters the fray: the patented new probiotic salvans. This agent targets and binds the germ causing the cold without harming existing healthy bacteria. The Streptococcus bacteria and the lactic aced bacteria merge into tiny, microscopic lumps. Referred to as coaggregation, this process stops the pathogen from having any infectious effect and it is carried off by natural salvation.

The agent salvans consists of the lactic acid bacteria’s dead shell, it does not contain live bacteria. Hence, taking the agent is unproblematic, it has a long shelf life and is not susceptible to high temperatures. Clinical studies are planned to demonstrate the effectiveness of Salvans. First products will be launched subsequently.

Bacteria Are the Right Remedy Against Colds
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