Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Bacteria: A Remedy for Migraine? Well-being

That the composition of the gut flora or gut microbiota impacts our whole body has already been demonstrated repeatedly. According to a publication from 2015, marinating a healthy bacterial balance in the gut could also be a remedy for migraine.

While the exact causes of migraine have yet to be conclusively determined, some scientists believe that these might include gastric irritations, bowel disorders, or Helicobacter infections. A poor gut microbiota or inflamed gut mucosa could result in the brain being undersupplied with omega fatty acids, minerals, and trace elements, and – according to natural medical practitioners – this could, in the long run, cause hormonal imbalances and eventually chronic migraine.

During the study, participants received a mix of probiotics for twelve weeks – and reported a lower frequency of migraine attacks. More research in this area will be necessary, in particular placebo-controlled studies. However, the present results suggest that probiotic bacteria could be able to improve the gut microbiota and in this way reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.



Bacteria: A Remedy for Migraine?
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