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As soon as spring is in the air, many home making, women’s and beauty magazines overwhelm readers with advice on getting your skin bikini-ready for summer. You’re supposed to give your skin “a fresh, youthful” and “well cared-for, attractive” appearance, preserve its youthfulness and avoid premature ageing. Facial tonic should be used to remove blemishes, and “facial peeling once or twice a week” is recommended to deep-cleanse your skin and exfoliate dead skin.

This can’t be all that bad – if we disregard peeling which can easily damage our skin. These principles of skin care, however, lose sight of one key fact: If you desire naturally healthy skin, all you have to do is help nature. In many cases, moisturizer or “oil-based lotions” are simply unnecessary. And not every woman (or man) wishing avoid dry or ageing skin will need to rely on “dark spot sun defense” or similar products, but instead merely on what healthy skin really constitutes: a well-balanced diversity of natural bacteria which maintain the skin’s natural barrier and prevent skin ageing.

Professional skin care and medicinal cosmetics can help stimulate this natural bacterial diversity. There is, however, a key difference between these care products and conventional skin care: They are not just about making your skin soft, supple, youthful, fresh, or fragrant. All they do is stimulate naturally healthy bacteria, and these in turn have a positive impact on the skin’s appearance. In many cases, this will be all you need.

Natural also means: there is a tremendous variety of skin types. And this diversity is further increased by diets, potential stress, lack of sleep and other factors, all of which influence our outward appearance and the skin’s inner condition. Hence, lotions recommended by dermatologists or special masks used in professional beauty salons may in some cases of problem skin be important for healthy skin care. But these are particular cases and do not apply to everyone wishing for that summerly, beautiful bikini-ready skin.

Beautiful Summer Skin
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