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Corticosteroid-free Treatment of Psoriasis Cardio-vascular system, Skin

Psoriasis is not only an extremely unpleasant, inflammatory, and typically hereditary disease, it is also associated with dermatosis or arthropathy and has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and other cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have demonstrated this association in a number of studies and articles, e.g. in the “Archives of

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Cheese Lowers Blood Pressure Body, Cardio-vascular system

Cheese lowers blood pressure. Blutdruck

Italian hard cheese is not only tasty, but also healthy: During a study researchers found that daily intake of Grana Padano cheese reduces high blood pressure. When taken regularly, the subjects’ blood pressure dropped by an average 7 mmHg of systolic and 8 mmHg in diastolic pressure (source: Normal resting blood pressure is about

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