Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Bacteria Are Effective against Diabetes and Old-Age Diseases Digestion, General, Overweight, Well-being


The older people get, the more vulnerable they become to specific diseases. As we advance in years, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, or adult-onset diabetes, for example, become increasingly more frequent. In experiments on mice and monkeys, US scientists have now found that insulin resistance, a cause of diabetes, can be reversed using good and healthy bacteria. German

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Crucial bacteria: How the Gut Determines Our Lives Body, Digestion, General, Overweight

“How the gut determines our lives”, is the slogan the German news magazine “Focus” once more relies on to summarise current research and observations on the importance of the gut microbiome. “For a long time, researchers assumed that microbes merely handle digestion”, the advance notice to the edition “Follow your gut feeling” says. Today, however,

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Faeces for Slimness? Overweight, Well-being

Darmbakterien als Schlankmacher. Slimness

Being overweight is an increasing issue in Germany: Almost one in three Germans is too heavy. Many among them suffer from obesity. In this case, body fat has accumulated to a point far in excess of being merely overweight. More and more children and adolescents are diagnosed as obese. Possible consequences are secondary diseases of

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