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Excessive personal hygiene has a detrimental effect on the natural diversity of bacteria on our skin and makes us more susceptible to diseases and allergies. A new study has demonstrated that loading your dishes into the dishwasher, rather than doing them by hand, may also increase the risk of allergies. Since hand-washing dishes is less efficient at removing bacteria, our immune system is stimulated and strengthened.

Swedish researchers have examined how parents’ dietary and cooking habits impact their children’s allergy risks, writes German journalist Teresa Nauber in an article for the website Welt online. The result: “Children whose parents consistently do the dishes by hand are far less likely to develop eczema or asthma later in life compared to children whose parents own a dishwasher.”

This result is in line with those of a large number of other studies undertaken in recent years (see also -> Children who grow up in “standard clean” conditions rather than in a “hygienically clean” environment run a much lower risk of developing allergies. As stated above: Good hygiene is important, but too much of it may disturb our skin’s and body’s natural microbial balance. This recent Swedish study shows that dishwashing, too, plays a role in our health.

Another result of the study: The group of parents who do the dishes by hand also places greater importance on a healthy diet. They also provided their children more often with fresh or fermented fruit and vegetables (fermented see also, were more likely to buy food directly from the farm, or more frequently preferred home cooking to ready-to-eat meals.

46% of all children from families who used dishwashers exclusively, relied on store-bought food, and ate no uncooked fruit or vegetables suffered from allergies. Even if only one or two factors were changed, allergy incidence dropped significantly. The study was published in the scientific trade journal Pediatrics (->



Hand-Wash Your Dishes and Avoid Allergies
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