Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Healthy Bacteria for Mouth, Throat, and Pharynx Body

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By nature, more than 700 different kinds of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi colonize our mouth, throat and pharynx. Most of these are not pathogenic, i.e. not infectious agents. Quite the contrary: Many of these bacteria offer protection from dangerous pathogens such as Streptococcus pyogenes, thought to be the most common cause of throat inflammation (“strep throat”). Hence, keeping your oral and throat microbiome – the diversity of bacterial species – healthy is critical in preventing diseases and promoting good health.

This protective role has a positive impact on our body’s overall physical health. Using dental health as an example, the Austrian physician Dr Christa Eder emphasizes that “the oral microbiome […], when healthy, exists in a stable biological balance with the tissue” and that diseases such as periodontitis “even with a good general state of health […] place a constant burden on our immune system”. The fact that “the oral cavity is connected both to the outside world as well as – by means of blood vessels, the breathing and digestive systems – to the body’s organs and tissues, makes it a central hub for our health”, she said in an article in Prophylaxe Journal.

Microbiotic throat lozenges which boost bacterial diversity in mouth, throat and pharynx are hence not only able to alleviate acute pain, but also prevent superimposed bacterial infections (referred to as superinfections). By contrast, antibiotics – still prescribed for bacterial throat infections – wipe out many bacteria, potentially damaging the microbiome, the natural and healthy bacterial diversity in the body (see also

If you’re suffering from colds and inflamed throats – which also occur in the summer, possibly caused by cold, air-conditioned air – it is therefore important to opt for medical products which support healthy bacteria as our body’s natural defense, alleviate pain and prevent sore throats.



Healthy Bacteria for Mouth, Throat, and Pharynx
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