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We all know that worries and stress can upset your stomach and gut. And in recent years, scientists have similarly demonstrated the reverse, i.e. that diets and intestinal health influence our psyche. However, people often forget the impact the gut has also, and above all, on our skin.

The gut is an alimentary organ, plying its trade inside our bodies – while the effect of its work is on show outside. “Our skin reflects how our gut fares. Skin impurities can be evidence of an inadequate nutrient supply,” reports an article in Focus Online, an updated version of which was published this year.

Billions of different bacteria live on and in our bodies. Healthy bacteria just as pathogenic bacteria, i.e. bacteria that can cause diseases. We always aim for a healthy balance between both kinds. A gut flora which is well balanced between “healthy” and “pathogenic” will have a positive effect on the gut and on your whole body. This balance provides a protective barrier against a range of germs, infections, and possible inflammations which may also harm your skin or result in its ageing prematurely.

If you have sensitive skin, dermatologists will often recommend probiotics: live microorganisms which may provide health benefits. Probiotics primarily include specific bacteria, but also yeasts. They are able to push out harmful bacteria from your gut or stimulate the growth of good bacteria on your skin and in this way create a stable skin barrier. Hence, practitioners will in some cases prescribe anti-diarrheal medicines to treat acne or skin impurities. The medicines’ active components are yeast cultures which are to help rebalance the gut flora.

In general, skin-friendly diets should always be: low in sugar, low in alcohol, low in cereal products. Preferable are lean meat as well as fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Incidentally, this will also impact positively on your emotions and your psyche. And positive emotions, in return, help to promote a healthy, beautiful skin.


How a Healthy Gut Boosts Your Beauty
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