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Research: New Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis Skin

Close to ten percent of the German population live with atopic dermatitis (or atopic eczema) of varying severity, affecting children significantly more frequently than adults (cf. That is why new treatments are constantly being researched – always in an effort to stay clear of drugs with significant side effects, opting for different, natural and

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New Findings in Atopic Eczema Skin


Our skin is colonised by vast numbers of bacteria, a normal condition even in the case of atopic eczema and other skin disorders. It is the makeup of this bacterial diversity that determines the health of our skin. The balance between healthy and less healthy bacteria also influences the skin barrier, i.e. the area that

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Good Bacteria Against Atopic Dermatitis Skin

Kind mit Neurodermitis am Arm trägt Creme auf.

In one of its recent editions, the Pharmazeutische Zeitung reported on a study by US scientists which looked at the treatment of atopic dermatitis. The researchers used bacteria to formulate skin creams which they then applied to the patients’ skin. Their aim was to boost the number of natural good bacteria to achieve a reduction

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