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How Sweeteners Affect Gut Flora and Microbiome Well-being

Earlier this month, the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (DAZ) reported that frequent intake of zero-calorie or non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) may affect the gut flora (i.e. the bacteria populating your gut), and hence our microbiome. Since a healthy and, as regards bacterial diversity, well-balanced microbiome strengthens our immune system and prevents disease, among others, any change to

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A Healthy Gut Flora Evolves in Early Childhood Body,Digestion

The makeup of the microbiome or flora in the gut is crucial for our overall physical health. Several studies have demonstrated links between bacterial diversity in the gut and, e.g., metabolic or inflammatory skin diseases. Hence, in order to improve physical well-being, scientists and medical practitioners have repeatedly made efforts to accomplish lasting changes to

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