Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Study: Bacteria Are Good for Our Immune System Body


Lactic acid bacteria, which can be found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut or yoghurt, support our immune system and hence human health (cf. Scientists at the University of Leipzig have now demonstrated the mechanisms behind this. They examined how lactic acid bacteria interact with specific receptors on the surface of cells in our

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Bacteria Strengthen Our Immune System Body,General,Well-being

Gesunde Bakterien Immunsystem

When, from November to February, people sniffle, cough, and complain about influenzal infections or the common cold, we are repeatedly reminded to boost our immune system. A strong immune system helps our body to defeat diseases and infections. A crucial factor for our immune system is amongst others a well-performing and well-balanced gut flora (gut

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Immune System Benefits from Bacteria on Our Skin General,Skin

As we have repeatedly emphasised on these pages, bacteria are important for our skin’s natural protection. Excessive or incorrect skin care may damage this natural barrier. The result: Our skin becomes vulnerable to infections, even though or rather precisely because it is kept “clinically” clean. A team of scientists at the National Institute of Allergy

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