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“Dry skin” and “itching” are among the most used search terms on the internet. What to do about dry skin? How can you relieve itching? Or even better: How can we avoid suffering from any of the two?

Those who suffer from dry skin and itching may soon become sensitive in other ways. Constant itchiness is wearying. This may lead others to say that someone is “a little thin-skinned”. And this is exactly the case. Dry and itching skin is actually often thinner. In particular on lower legs, forearms, and elbows itching skin may break out quickly. These areas have few sebaceous glands, dermal layers are thin and there is little fat and moisture.

Causes of dry skin and itchiness

Dry skin can have many causes. Familial disposition may play a role, as may a stressful lifestyle, too much sunshine, poor diets, or excessive skincare. Itching and dryness may also be symptoms of a skin disorder, e.g. atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, or of a metabolic disorder such as diabetes. Cleaning agents or detergents or solvents used in paints can also contribute to drier skins.

In any case, it is always important to keep your skin moisturised enough. One way is to stay sufficiently hydrated. Another way of supplying moisture would be to use appropriate skincare. Strengthening the skin barrier can also help control the skin’s moisture balance.

It is perfectly normal that some skins are drier than others. There are many known skin types. Also, it is common for many elderly people to require more skin care. The older your skin gets, the less able it will be to retain moisture, and it will be able to produce less fat. No matter your age, however, excessive skincare is a no-no. Washing yourself repeatedly, soaping yourself up frequently, or applying several lotions at the same time may all damage your natural bacterial skin protection and hence your healthy skin.

What Can You Do About Dry Skin?
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