Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Skin Flora Glossary

skin flora

Healthy skin is usually colonised by microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi. The community of these tiny living beings is called skin flora. It is a natural and vital part of our skin’s surface, as it plays a role in our body’s defence by protecting the skin and thus the entire organism from germs and pathogens. The skin flora acts like a barrier, a protective shield. As long as it’s intact, no pathogenic germs will settle on the skin. Maintaining one’s skin flora is crucial to safeguarding a good protection from diseases. Critical for a healthy skin flora is, among others, the pH-value, i.e. the skin’s natural acid mantle. Only in an ideal environment will these protective bacteria be able to live, reproduce, and thus perform their defensive task. Frequent washing or skincare products with colouring additives, fragrances, or preservatives may damage the skin flora or even eliminate healthy bacteria. In this case, the skin’s natural protection would be lost, diseases may be the consequence.


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