Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Research: New Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis Skin

Close to ten percent of the German population live with atopic dermatitis (or atopic eczema) of varying severity, affecting children significantly more frequently than adults (cf. That is why new treatments are constantly being researched – always in an effort to stay clear of drugs with significant side effects, opting for different, natural and

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Excessive Sweating in Summer May Be Harmful To Your Skin Skin

During hot summers, with temperatures similar to those we experienced this June, we sweat easily. To start with, this is simply our body’s natural cooling response – but which is not without drawbacks. Excessive sweating may be harmful to our healthy skin flora or skin microbiome and cause skin diseases. Doctors distinguish between physiological sweating –

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Bacteria Protect the Skin from Losing Moisture Skin

How can we protect our skin from moisture loss? This is a question that is much on people’s mind, in particular for those who suffer from dry skin, itching, or inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Scientists at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) have found that skin with a

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New Therapy: Skin Microbiome Decoded Skin

A community of millions of different bacteria – referred to as the microbiome – populate our skin. It consists of good, healthy bacteria which keep pathogenic bacteria (which cause infections) down to a level at which both our skin flora and the protective skin barrier remain at a healthy balance. Once the microbiome becomes unbalanced, pathogenic bacteria

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The Right Bacteria for a Healthy Baby Skin Skin

When bacteria are mentioned in connection with babies or toddlers, this often leads to fear of infection and diseases. However, we also have to be aware that bacteria are crucially important to baby’s wellbeing and healthy development. This applies in particular to baby skin which shouldn’t come in contact with skin disinfectants, soap, or aggressive

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Bacteria on the Skin: Good for Wound Healing Skin

It is not only in the time of Covid-19 that we’re supposed to wash our hands frequently in order to remove viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. This, we’re told, plays a crucial role in preventing wound infection and promoting wound healing. Last summer, the University of Tübingen published a study which, while not negating the preceding

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Letting Dry Skin Recover After the Summer Skin

trockene Haut

Once summer is over, it is important to take care of your – often dry – skin and get it fit for the fall. What many of us enjoy doing during the summer stresses for our skin: sun, UV-rays, and heat, with wind and salty air to boot during seaside holidays. Excessive tanning may dehydrate

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Vegetables in Skincare – Remedy for a Healthy Skin? Digestion, General, Skin

So far, we’ve already highlighted the health advantages of fermented vegetables several times on this website: Foods such as sauerkraut are rich in lactic acid bacteria which keep the gut flora healthy, strengthening our immune system. In much the same vein, professional publications emphasise the positive role played by lactic acid bacteria for a healthy

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