Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Biological Skincare: Probiotics Rarely Are Real Probiotics Skin

Gut or skin, digestion, slimming, or general well-being: modern probiotics are available for numerous areas in human health and health support. Demand is increasing, not least because society has become more aware of natural remedies and biological skincare. Technically speaking, however, many probiotic products aren’t probiotics. “Probiotic” means “fit for life, lively”. The World Health

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Medical Skin Care Through A Healthy Diet Skin

Skin Care

What we eat, and what state our gut and digestion are in is often evident in our skin’s conditions. Lack of nutrients or vitamins or a bad nutrition rich in fats may, e.g., manifest itself in the shape of skin blemishes. A lack of healthy bacteria in the gut and, as a result, a disturbed gut

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Good Bacteria Against Atopic Dermatitis Skin

Kind mit Neurodermitis am Arm trägt Creme auf.

In one of its recent editions, the Pharmazeutische Zeitung reported on a study by US scientists which looked at the treatment of atopic dermatitis. The researchers used bacteria to formulate skin creams which they then applied to the patients’ skin. Their aim was to boost the number of natural good bacteria to achieve a reduction

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Bacteria Play Key Role Against Skin Diseases Skin


Enter the words “skin” and “bacteria” into any online search engine, and the autocomplete function will show other word combinations used in the same context. In Germany, the most frequently selected combinations are “combat bacteria on the skin” and “kill bacteria on the skin”. Worldwide, the obviously most researched combination is “skin bacteria infection”. A

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Healthy Bacteria Against Acne Skin

Three scientists at University Hospital Magdeburg are attempting to heal acne using healthy bacteria. The “Magdeburger Volksstimme”, a local newspaper, reported on the scientists’ efforts to rebalance the mix of bacteria on the skin and in this way develop an alternative to current acne treatments which involve drugs based on antibiotics. According to the paper,

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Corticosteroid-free Treatment of Psoriasis Cardio-vascular system, Skin

Psoriasis is not only an extremely unpleasant, inflammatory, and typically hereditary disease, it is also associated with dermatosis or arthropathy and has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and other cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have demonstrated this association in a number of studies and articles, e.g. in the “Archives of

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A Map of Healthy Skin Bacteria General, Skin

Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye and yet millions of them live on our skin. They accompany us throughout our lives and take care of our skin’s health. We have emphasised this, again and again, here on Healthy-Bacteria. We have now published a map of sorts showing skin bacteria which can be accessed here.

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Body-Odour Gone – Thanks to Bacteria General, Skin

How to fight body-odour? – This question is on a lot of people’s minds, again and again. An entire multi-billion industry and thousands of jobs depend on promising people effective remedies against sweat and body-odour. Sweat stains and smells are generally considered to be disagreeable. Hence the sensation caused by the recent headlines about a

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Immune System Benefits from Bacteria on Our Skin General, Skin

As we have repeatedly emphasised on these pages, bacteria are important for our skin’s natural protection. Excessive or incorrect skin care may damage this natural barrier. The result: Our skin becomes vulnerable to infections, even though or rather precisely because it is kept “clinically” clean. A team of scientists at the National Institute of Allergy

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