Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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On Duty: Biological Blue Berets for Skin and Body General, Skin

Many bacteria have a special protective function for our health. It’s as if they played the role of biological peacekeeping forces in the constant battle between pathogens and the body’s defences. They provide for a balance of power, an equilibrium between harmful and healthy bacteria. What is the actual impact of these “blue beret bacteria”?

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Residues of Shampoos and Deodorants Found on the Skin Skin, Well-being


The molecular composition of our skin’s surface is, among others, influenced by regular applications of creams and soaps or other personal care products – and more than we may occasionally be aware of. An article in the newspaper “Die Welt” reports on research conducted by an international team of scientists. The scientists generated a 3D

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Our Skin: A Microcosm Skin

Simone Einzmann writing for FOCUS GESUNDHEIT Billions of bacteria and fungi have their habitat on our skin. Scientists are slowly recognising the significant impact these settlers have on endemic diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis Rob Dunn has seen more belly buttons than anyone else in the world, probably more than he ever wanted

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Skin Benefits from Sweat-Loving Bacteria Skin

Schweiß liebende Bakterien gut für die Haut.

Body odour is unpleasant. Sweating, however, offers one great benefit for your skin: Some bacteria such as Nitrosomonas eutropha metabolise, among others, components of sweat and may improve skin health positively. Researchers in the US have confirmed these findings in a placebo-controlled study. For the study, they asked participants to apply a suspension of live

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Excessive Use of Cosmetics Harms Our Skin Skin

Kosmetik Haut. cosmetics

For dry skin, brittle skin, greasy skin, against skin irritation or inflammation: For almost any possible skin condition or symptom, cosmetics such as lotions and creams are available which are supposed to help us keep our skin healthy and protect it from bacteria and other allegedly harmful substances. But our skin needs bacteria. Among others,

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Atopic Dermatitis: Natural Skin Flora Provides Protection Skin

Neurodermitis, Atopic Dermatitis

Skin bacteria protect us from inflammation. As early as 2009, scientists publishing in the highly respected journal “Nature Medicine” demonstrated that bacteria present in our normal skin flora – in this case, the bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis – produce a substance which inhibits inflammation of the skin. Other bacteria, e.g. the pyogenic bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, cause

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Natural Diversity Benefits Healthy Skin Skin

Natürliche Vielfalt von Bakterien in der Hautflora. Natural Diversity

Many parents worry about their children’s health: telling them not to play in the dirt, be careful about plants in forests and meadows, avoid touching animals. But many of these worries are unfounded. To the contrary: They may even be detrimental to a healthy diversity of skin bacteria. Scientists have found that there is a

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