Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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How Sweeteners Affect Gut Flora and Microbiome Well-being

Earlier this month, the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung (DAZ) reported that frequent intake of zero-calorie or non-nutritive sweeteners (NNS) may affect the gut flora (i.e. the bacteria populating your gut), and hence our microbiome. Since a healthy and, as regards bacterial diversity, well-balanced microbiome strengthens our immune system and prevents disease, among others, any change to

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Cow Shed Theory: More Bacteria Mean Fewer Allergies Well-being

Compared to city kids, rural children are less likely to develop allergies – and this has something to do with bacteria and the microbiome. These findings – popularised as the “cow shed theory” some time ago – do not only apply to children. Adults, too, have been shown to exhibit a variety of symptoms depending

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Using Chocolate Against Depression Well-being

Good news for anyone fearing the Easter chocolate bunny avalanche: chocolate also boasts positive qualities. It is able to lift our spirits and, in this way, may help fight depression. But only if it has a very high cocoa content. In this case, regular intake of chocolate boosts microbial diversity in the gut, referred to

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Bacterial Chewing Gum to Combat Periodontal and Gum Bleeding Well-being

Bakterien innerhalb des Mundes

Helicobacter pylori, the stomach germ covered in a number of articles published on, may also cause periodontal disease and gingivitis (gum inflammation). Ten years ago, dental specialists already suspected as much and collected evidence in support. Their findings included the fact many people who suffer from stomach diseases such as gastritis (an inflammation of

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Using Bacteria to Prevent Colds Well-being

As autumn brings cold and damp weather, the flu season is imminent – in addition to the ongoing corona pandemic – and people increasingly inquire about natural ways to prevent colds and infections. Unfortunately and misleadingly, there is still talk of defending yourself against viruses and bacteria. But what many writers forget is that only

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How the Gut Microbiome Reveals Someone’s Age Well-being

Personen sitzen gemütlich zusammen.

The microbiome in our gut plays a key role in our wellbeing. Our general health status, digestive troubles, skin conditions, evidence of autism, diabetes, and age-related diseases – all of this may be connected to the bacterial diversity in our gut (gut flora). In several international research projects, scientists also looked into the issue of how

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