Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Bacteria Strengthen Our Immune System Body, General, Well-being

Gesunde Bakterien Immunsystem

When, from November to February, people sniffle, cough, and complain about influenzal infections or the common cold, we are repeatedly reminded to boost our immune system. A strong immune system helps our body to defeat diseases and infections. A crucial factor for our immune system is amongst others a well-performing and well-balanced gut flora (gut

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Rise in Antibiotic Resistance Caused by Triclosan in Household and Cosmetic Products Well-being


Growing resistance to antibiotics has become one of the greatest global health issues. With grave consequences. Resistance to antibiotics leaves patients with life-threatening bacterial infections without help, at least initially. In their search for the causes behind the rise in antibiotic resistance scientists have repeatedly criticised doctors for overprescribing antibiotics, while patients do not always use them

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Bacteria: A Remedy for Migraine? Well-being

That the composition of the gut flora or gut microbiota impacts our whole body has already been demonstrated repeatedly. According to a publication from 2015, marinating a healthy bacterial balance in the gut could also be a remedy for migraine. While the exact causes of migraine have yet to be conclusively determined, some scientists believe

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Fermentation: Bacteria Preserve Foods and Nutrients Digestion, Stomach, Well-being

“Fermentos only serve mouldy food” – thus the rather striking headline used by the German daily “Die Welt” for a report on a group of predominately young people in US who consciously opt for healthy bacteria: for fermented food. “Fermentation”, the article says, “is the countertrend to sterile industrial food.” Fermentation involves natural microorganisms such

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