Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

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Residues of Shampoos and Deodorants Found on the Skin Skin, Well-being


The molecular composition of our skin’s surface is, among others, influenced by regular applications of creams and soaps or other personal care products – and more than we may occasionally be aware of. An article in the newspaper “Die Welt” reports on research conducted by an international team of scientists. The scientists generated a 3D

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Faeces for Slimness? Overweight, Well-being

Darmbakterien als Schlankmacher. Slimness

Being overweight is an increasing issue in Germany: Almost one in three Germans is too heavy. Many among them suffer from obesity. In this case, body fat has accumulated to a point far in excess of being merely overweight. More and more children and adolescents are diagnosed as obese. Possible consequences are secondary diseases of

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