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Letting Dry Skin Recover After the Summer Skin

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Once summer is over, it is important to take care of your – often dry – skin and get it fit for the fall. What many of us enjoy doing during the summer stresses for our skin: sun, UV-rays, and heat, with wind and salty air to boot during seaside holidays. Excessive tanning may dehydrate your skin and damage the healthy skin flora, resulting in a degrading of the skin’s important barrier function.

Possible consequences are itching, irritation and inflammation of the skin – in particular if the hot part of the year with its many sun hours is immediately followed by days spent indoors in dry, heated air. This concerns primarily people with extremely dry skin or pre-existing skin conditions such as atopic eczema. For them, an extreme room climate, blazing sun or dry air are so-called provocation factors, which stress the skin and may trigger inflammatory processes.

A healthy natural microflora will have trouble flourishing on dry skin. A healthy skin flora, by contrast, “provides a key bulwark against microbial pathogens”, in the words of the magazine “On the one hand, a diverse skin flora will make it more difficult for pathogens to colonize the skin, by competing with them for room and nutrients. On the other hand, skin bacteria stimulate the immune system, making it more combat-ready for its battle against pathogens.”

Hence, it is important to provide sufficient hydration and stimulate the natural healthy skin flora, e.g. by using microbiotic skincare. The latter usually contains hyaluronic acid and glycerol – both trap and bind moisture which enables them to sustainably hydrate the skin – as well as a natural ingredient which stimulates the healthy bacteria on the skin, keeping the skin flora well balanced and healthy.

Here, the best practices for a beautiful skin and for a healthy skin are in agreement with each other. If we support the skin’s natural functions and help it recover, it’ll remain elastic, its natural protective function as a barrier will be restored and maintained.



Letting Dry Skin Recover After the Summer
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