Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

A Map of Healthy Skin Bacteria General, Skin

Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye and yet millions of them live on our skin. They accompany us throughout our lives and take care of our skin’s health. We have emphasised this, again and again, here on Healthy-Bacteria. We have now published a map of sorts showing skin bacteria which can be accessed here.

Skin bacteria form a kind of network which envelops the human body and protects our skin from external influences. More than 800,000 bacteria per square centimetre live on our scalp alone. On our forehead, they still number almost 155,000 per square centimetre. What’s interesting: On our palms – of which we’re constantly told: “Wash your hands or you’ll catch a disease” – it’s a mere 1,000 bacteria per square centimetre.

There are undoubtedly bacteria which may harm our skin or our bodies. However, when we fight them using aggressive soaps or disinfectants, we also destroy the network of healthy bacteria protecting our skin. Bacteria are a natural component of the skin flora. And anyone destabilising this flora as a result of misguided hygiene practices may rapidly develop skin issues.

Scientific studies have shown that some four in ten people in Germany suffer from skin conditions. Of these, some 15 to 20% are afflicted by dry skin, and 10 to 20% by sensitive skin. There is one obvious solution to these skin conditions: boosting healthy natural skin bacteria. This is what we’re working on in our research.

A Map of Healthy Skin Bacteria
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