Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Bacteria Play Key Role Against Skin Diseases Skin


Enter the words “skin” and “bacteria” into any online search engine, and the autocomplete function will show other word combinations used in the same context. In Germany, the most frequently selected combinations are “combat bacteria on the skin” and “kill bacteria on the skin”. Worldwide, the obviously most researched combination is “skin bacteria infection”. A puzzling result which illustrates that many people still consider bacteria on the skin to be bad or abnormal.

And yet it is crucial that we think the opposite: We have to protect and stimulate bacteria, and in particular bacterial diversity, on our skin and our skin flora.

Similarly, the German newspaper “Die Welt” recently headlined that “The best skin care products are made from bacteria”. In another article titled “How the hygiene craze hurts skin health”, the paper reported on the large number of bio-based products which rely on natural means to safeguard the skin’s protective role. The market grows: More and more companies are developing probiotic skin care products. These use, among others, the stimulating function of bacteria to return and maintain the “skin flora’s microbial balance”. Doing so may help to prevent atopic dermatitisand simultaneously reduce dry skin, itching, rashes and inflammation.



Bacteria Play Key Role Against Skin Diseases
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