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Bacterial Chewing Gum to Combat Periodontal and Gum Bleeding Well-being

Bakterien innerhalb des Mundes

Helicobacter pylori, the stomach germ covered in a number of articles published on, may also cause periodontal disease and gingivitis (gum inflammation). Ten years ago, dental specialists already suspected as much and collected evidence in support. Their findings included the fact many people who suffer from stomach diseases such as gastritis (an inflammation of the lining of the stomach) also show signs of periodontal disease. In addition, “if present in a patient’s stomach, Helicobacter pylori – which causes gastritis – could also be found in that patient’s dental plaque”.

The fact that one option of preventing the stomach issues caused by helicobacter germs is by using healthy bacteria – an active ingredient extracted from a natural strain of lactobacillus – suggests that this could also be a way of preventing the periodontal disease caused by the very same germ.

The result is a medical chewing gum which contains this specific strain of lactobacillus and is thus able to protect teeth and gums and may also help to reduce the H. pylori population in the stomach. This was also demonstrated in a 2016 study: After successful eradication in the stomach, helicobacter germs may still remain in the oral cavity and re-colonize the stomach. Periodontal therapy reduces this risk.

Published in October 2019, another double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled clinical study showed that probiotic preparations based on lactic acid bacteria may improve oral health and can be a useful adjunct in the maintenance therapy of periodontal disease.

These findings are another demonstration of just how complex our body’s microbiome system is. But they also highlight the opportunities healthy bacteria give us to reduce the number of pathogen (= disease-causing) germs in several parts of our body and return it to a healthy balance.



Bacterial Chewing Gum to Combat Periodontal and Gum Bleeding
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