Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Beautiful and Healthy Skin – Thanks to Bacteria Digestion, Skin

Our gut and gut microbiota (gut flora) do much to keep our skin beautiful and healthy. Skin impurities, e.g., may be the result of nutrient deficiencies in the gut, writes dermatologist Afschin Fatemi, M.D., in an article published on Focus Online.

Probiotic bacteria occurred “naturally in the human organism and help in detoxifying your body.” Here, the article emphasises how crucial it is to maintain a healthy bacterial balance. “Factors such as one’s personal lifestyle and dietary habits, but also stress and treatment with antibiotics may interfere with the balance of the gut flora and result in pathogenic bacteria gaining the upper hand, triggering gut diseases“, he continues. Skin impurities or disorders could be signs of this happening.

Stress and foods, which are rich in sugars, could cause fermentation processes in the gut and result in healthy bacteria being pushed out. Losing the gut flora’s balance meant that cleansing and elimination, two key functions of the gut, become disrupted. As a consequence “[the gut] no longer extracts all necessary nutrients from our diet. This may lead to shortage of minerals and vitamins. Useful antioxidants which protect our cells from free radicals are lacking in the skin”, Dr. Feterni writes.

Just as many other publications (see here or the bestseller “Gut: The Inside Story of Our body’s Most Underrated Organ”), this article emphasises the beneficial impact healthy bacteria have on our entire body, including a healthy skin. We are able to have a positive influence on this healthy balance, among others through our diet, e.g. by including lactic acid bacteria in our food.


Beautiful and Healthy Skin – Thanks to Bacteria
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