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Covid-19: Risk Factor Periodontitis Body

Several years ago, we already published an article on this website on periodontitis not only compromising your teeth and gums, but also heart and cardiovascular system (see Recently, international research also showed that periodontitis may have a negative influence on and increase the severity of the course of Covid-19 infections.

Scientists analyzed the data of more than 560 Covid-19 patients. They found that compared to patients without periodontitis, patients with periodontitis were on average 3.5 times more likely to be admitted to an ICU and 4.5 times more likely to need assisted ventilation. In addition, Covid-19 patients with periodontitis were almost nine times more likely to die, compared to those without periodontal disease. Even once analysis had been adjusted for risk factors such as diabetes, being overweight, and others, periodontitis patients remained disproportionally likely to suffer a more severe course (Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2021,

One possible cause is that the pathogenic bacteria which encourage periodontal disease are inhaled from the mouth which may lead to infections in the lung. In this case, as Professor Sanchez of Complutense University in Madrid recommends, it would important to treat Covid-19 patients who also suffer from periodontal disease with oral antiseptics before they are put on assisted ventilation.

With this in mind, using a probiotic prophylaxis based on good bacteria to balance your oral flora becomes even more important. Lowering the number of pathogenic bacteria reduces the risk of periodontal disease, possibly preventing worsening of a lung infection as a result of mechanical ventilation.

Studies have shown that worldwide, at least one in two adults suffers from periodontal disease at some time during his or her life. Non-professionals are often late to recognize the inflammation, and its messenger substances may also encourage Alzheimer’s and cancer, in addition to loss of teeth and cardiovascular diseases. This, too, makes prevention boosting healthy oral bacteria so important.



Covid-19: Risk Factor Periodontitis
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