Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

On Duty: Biological Blue Berets for Skin and Body General, Skin

Many bacteria have a special protective function for our health. It’s as if they played the role of biological peacekeeping forces in the constant battle between pathogens and the body’s defences. They provide for a balance of power, an equilibrium between harmful and healthy bacteria.

What is the actual impact of these “blue beret bacteria”? In collaboration with a dermatology practice in Berlin, we were able to show, among others, that cultivating specific bacteria (referred to as commensal bacteria) reduces itchiness and increases physical well-being. A bacterial germinal layer on our skin is perfectly normal and absolutely necessary, but has to be well-balanced to play its role as a natural protective barrier successfully. Excessive washing or the use of antibacterial lotions harms our skin and thus the entire microflora and our overall well-being.

Rather, we need a skincare based on healthy bacteria which help to establish and maintain a balance of power on a sustained basis. Suitable products are expected for launch before the end of the year.

On Duty: Biological Blue Berets for Skin and Body
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