Bacteria and their positive influence on the human body

Our Immune System Won’t Function Without Good Bacteria Body


How can we boost our immune system? Users on Twitter have lately debated this issue. This also touched upon the question of whether the bacteria colonising our bodies, e.g. the gut, should be considered part of our immune system. Posted Real Scientists DE: Maybe not an immediate part of the system, but in a symbiosis with the immune cells in the gut. Further, they stated: “Without good bacteria, the immune system no longer functions properly – the consequence may be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Crohn’s disease ”.

Yet many people suffering from gastric disorders, indigestion, and intestinal diseases remain inclined to lay some of the blame on bacteria. They would, however, be more correct in saying that harmful bacteria get out of hand, crowding out good bacteria. The right balance between “protecting” and “harming” is lost. Bacteria are always in our gut, and millions of them. Just as always, it is having the right amount that matters.

Hence, any answer to the question “How can I boost my immune system naturally?” should include: By achieving just the right balance between bacteria in the gut flora or gut microbiota. To do so, we have to add sufficient probiotics – e.g. lactic acid bacteria in food such as yoghurt or fermented vegetables. A literally natural option are also food supplements based on lactic acid bacteria which have a positive influence on the gut’s bacterial balance.


Our Immune System Won’t Function Without Good Bacteria
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