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Prescription of Antibiotics to Some Extent Questionable and Dangerous Body, General

Antibiotika-Verordnungen, Antibiotics

Proliferating use of antibiotics has been the subject of repeated publications in the media and trade journals. Antibiotics indeed help in the case of dangerous bacterial infections, their advantages are evident. However, many people take antibiotics even in the absence of bacterial infections. This may be dangerous if repeated intake results in bacteria developing resistances. In this case, the drug in question would cease to be effective – even when it was urgently needed.

Most recently, the German health insurance provider DAK presented the results of a study which showed that almost 30 percent of all antibiotics prescriptions in 2013 were questionable when compared with the diagnosis. “Overuse and misuse have dramatic consequences: More and more bacteria become resistant and increasingly a menace to the health of patients in hospitals”, the DAK claimed. “As a consequence, infections once again become a deadly threat, because antibiotics have lost their effectiveness.”

According to the DAK, one reason for the incorrect use of antibiotics is not so much that doctors don’t know better, but rather the mindset many patients have. Coughing, head colds, sore throats – that’s irritating and should go away. So if we could please have something which helps instantly against everything. As a result, the natural bacterial diversity in our bodies is affected, even though it could hardly be blamed for a cold or runny nose. Quite the contrary: It is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance among the many million bacteria in the body.

The Verband Klassischer Homöopathen Deutschlands (VKHD) (German Association of Traditional Homeopaths) has also emphasised the increased occurrence of resistances to antibiotics.

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Prescription of Antibiotics to Some Extent Questionable and Dangerous
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