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Treating Skin Problems with the Right Diet Overweight, Skin, Stomach


Our diet is among the most prevalent causes of skin problems. “Too much sugar, too much wine – often, our dietary sins are evident in our faces”, as the journalist Gloria von Bronewski recently wrote in the German daily Die Welt. But how does food cause spots, acne, blemishes, or skin diseases? And how can we prevent this from happening?

Notwithstanding the ever-growing number of whole-grain products in the supermarkets, our diets are still to a large part based on sugar and the refined carbs contained in most rolls, rice, or pasta. If we ingest them, our blood sugar spikes immediately. Excessive consumption adversely affects gut functionality, weakens the immune system, and increases susceptibility to inflammation. “Reddened or spotty skin may be a signal for excess gastric acid, an overburdened gut, or a lack of digestive enzymes”, as von Bronewski writes in her article.

Sugar consumption can also accelerate skin wrinkling. Sugar molecules bond to skin proteins, resulting in a chemical process known as glycation. In the skin, glycation primarily affects collagen and elastin, proteins which are important for the skin’s flexibility and toughness. The skin loses elasticity, wrinkling and ageing in general, as well as skin ageing in particular, are accelerated.

However, that does not mean we have to give up sugar completely. Depending on your size, weight, and calorie consumption, 25 to 50 grams of sugar may be permitted. However, many people consume more than double this amount every day. Fermented foods which contain useful probiotics, for example, are a better option. Their effect is that of a medical skin care from the inside and they help to reduce or prevent skin problems and skin conditions. In other words: The way to beauty is also through your stomach.



Treating Skin Problems with the Right Diet
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